New @ The Paddle Sports Show 2021 – SipaBoards Tourer Drive 2.0

This serie of articles, called “NEW @ The Paddle Sports Show 2021” showcases the products that are competing for the « PADDLE SPORTS PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR AWARDS »

Entry for Special Jury Prize – Tourer Drive 2.0 by SipaBoards

SipaBoards is an electric SUP manufacturer set out to use the power of innovation to make paddle-boarding a safer and more wholesome experience. 

First things first: The electric SUP and why?

One of the questions that pop to mind first is: “Is there even a need for an electric SUP?”. 

Turns out, there is and the need is growing.
With our sport and industry becoming more and more popular, millions of people are getting on the water for the first time, paddling out and enjoying themselves in nature. 

But what happens when the weather changes? When winds pick up, when the tides change or you get drawn out by a current? Any experienced paddler will know that preparing for the trip, knowing your surroundings, tides, currents and traffic are all very important aspects of our sport.

But most new paddlers aren’t as savvy and the enthusiasm to paddle out too often leads to unnecessary mistakes. There is a growing number of SUP-related accidents happening all around the world and our product has a unique and highly efficient way to turn this around and make paddle-boarding safer for everyone.
Mostly people get stranded or carried out into the open seas and need help returning, but in some instances over the last summer, the consequences have been more dire. 

Fact is – If you’re blown out on offshore winds or a rip tide, or simply run out of energy to get back safely, there is no stepping down and catching your breath on a SUP as one might do on a bicycle or on a hike. And this is when paddling can become dangerous.

Our boards can make a life altering difference at these moments. Turn on the SipaDrive® and get the boost needed to battle waves, winds and currents.

Here is the link to the upcoming collection’s video, showcasing everything SipaBoards bring into the world of paddleboarding:

Why is our product different from anything else on the market?

While SipaBoards offer safety on a ground-breaking level, it also brings two other aspects to paddleboarding. The SipaDrive® works as a paddle-assist system, holding a steady course and offering more balance to users trying paddleboarding for the first time.
Children can learn on their own, any newbie has a bit more support and it’s even easier for the elderly to enjoy paddleboarding. We literally have people from ages 5 to 80 paddling around.

Are we taking the recreation out of the sport? No. 

The paddling is still there and it can still be as hard as on any other SUP. You push, the SipaDrive® adds on top of that. If anything, you will only go faster.
The SipaDrive® allows the paddler to reach higher speeds (the board on itself will take you to up to 7km/h) and make longer routes. Some of our die-hard fans are doing 35km+ tours on a single take. 

In three short words: Further. Faster. Safer. 

Another signature feature of SipaBoards is that the board inflates itself. The motor works as a high capacity compressor, inflating a 320 litre board to 15PSI under 8 minutes. In the meantime, the paddler can stretch, check their gear and get ready for the paddle. For rentals or adventure agencies, it means inflating any number of eSUPs in minutes. 

No strain, no pumping.

And these boards transform from an ordinary SUP to an eSUP with a click of a button. When you don’t need the motor, there’s no need to use it. The SipaDrive® is fully integrated into the center of the board and creates zero drag when being turned off. The Bluetooth remote is nested on the top of the paddle, so switching controlling the SipaDrive® is easy. 

Last, but not least, the motor has a built-in LED lights system that will open up a new chapter in paddle-boarding adventures. Packed with 15.000 lumen you can turn the night into a night-time adventure, exploring the coastline like never before.

All our products, both inflatables and electronics are built from the best materials available. With ultra light MSL bodies and high grade composite fully waterproof casings, SipaBoards are built to last. 

The boards are equipped with carrying handles, a special carry strap, 10 inch coiled safety leashes and are folded into a backpack so getting to the starting point is easy.

Our technology is proven, CE standardised and patented both in the EU and the US.

The first generation was awarded the Red Dot Best of the Best and was later featured on the Red Dot Panel listing, putting our innovation in the group with Google, Michelin, Daimler and Vibram.

And here’s the main thing about the product we’re presenting in Lyon

We have been developing the second generation of our boards over the last 5 years and it will premiere globally on the Paddle Sport Show in Lyon. The new generation boasts a 40% lighter board collection, using MSL Fusion tech and a completely overhauled electric jet motor. 

We are entering our new touring board: the Tourer Drive 2022/23.

Length: 12 feet (3.65 m)
Width: 32.2 inches (82 cm)
Thickness: 6 inches (15 cm)
Volume: 320 l
Weight of board with engine: 12.95 kg
Weight of board without engine: 8.7 kg
Optimum pressure: 15 PSI
Maximum pressure: 18 PSI

A new board and a new motor: Introducing the SipaDrive® 2.0.

The new SipaDrive® has a modular and upgradable Dual Battery System and will offer almost 100% more battery capacity than the first generation.
In fact, the new motor will offer up to 6 hours of paddle assistance. The users will be able to choose between three different power-packs and tailor their motor to their needs.

The new generation also has a Quick-Release-TechnologyLid, upgraded from the screw-in system which traditionally held the SipaDrive® waterproof. With the new technology, the user just clicks the lid in place and pops it back up by pushing down the button.

The new system is quieter and more efficient, propels the board faster and the batteries are designed so that they can be carried on-board in air-travel.


This serie of articles, called “NEW @ The Paddle Sports Show 2021” showcases the products that are competing for the « PADDLE SPORTS PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR AWARDS »
It is produced & organized by KS Publishing (publishers of Kayak Session, Paddle World and Sup World magazine).

The Paddle Sports Show, is the world’s largest paddlesport-specific trade show (‘trade show’ meaning entrance is reserved for professionals) highlighting what the general public will find on shelves and in stores in 2022. It includes everything from kayaks and canoes to stand-up paddle boards and inflatables, with the apparel and accessories needed for it all. See the product and meet the manufacturer at The Paddle Sports Show 2021 in Lyon (France) >


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