NEW @ Paddle Sports Show 2022 – Verano Watersports, California Duo, incl. accessories

This serie of articles, called “NEW @ The Paddle Sports Show 2022” showcases the products that are competing for the « PADDLE SPORTS PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR AWARDS »

Entry for canoeing – Verano Watersports, California Duo, incl. accessories

The best selling kayak from Verano Watersports

The inflatable Drop-Stitch-Boat, California Duo is the fastest kayak of the Verano fleet. The expedition boat for 2 people is substantially stronger and faster than any other inflatable. Through the revolutionary Drop-Stitch-material can reach an air pressure of 1,0 bar, compared to the standard 0,2 bar. This makes the California duo very stable and extremely robust. This 3 seasons kayak glides fast on the water, that with the perks mentioned above makes the California duo the cream of the crop. The high board walls ensure a dry run and the broad floor gives it extra stability. The lightweight and fast construction time makes the California Duo the perfect travel companion – and it fits in every car and RV. The California comes in the new design and is available with a tarp and spray tan. The revolving velcro fasting and the gunnel in the size big deck protect the paddler from spray and bad weather. In combination with the precise steering system, the California becomes the perfect expedition boat.

The California Duo is the first drop-stitch expedition kayak with persenning and rudder system.

Length: 473 cm (15‘6) | Width: 86 cm (2‘10) | Depth: 38 cm (1‘3) | Air chambers: 3 | Max. air pressure: 0,7 bar | Pack size boat hull: 100x38x28 cm (3.3ʼx1.2ʼx11ʻ) | Dimensions packing bag: 115x50x43 cm (3‘10×1‘8×1‘5) | Pumping time: 9 minutes | boat weight: 24 kg (53 lbs) | Gross weight: 30 kg (66 lbs) | Max. capacity: 340 kg (750 lbs) | Max. persons: 2 | Material: Drop-Stitch Fusion PVC

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