Product Spotlight: STEAM by Aqua Marina

aqua marina steam series inflatable kayak river

Aqua Marina’s versatile kayaks are created for all-around use and are designed especially to guide you on various water conditions. No matter where you are, they meet up your needs. Feel free to take them anywhere in a light pack and have fun on the water.

The 2022 STEAM series is the perfect all-around inflatable kayak for every type of paddling, perfect for both touring enthusiasts and mild whitewater lovers.

The new STEAM series was redesigned as a premium choice for all levels of paddling, and is the ideal combo kayak for touring and river running. Featuring ultra-durable welded tube construction and a high-density drop-stitch floor, these open cockpit inflatable kayaks are extremely rigid and responsive.

aqua marina steam inflatable kayak all around padlding

With a more streamlined outline, the new STEAM has been optimized for increased speed and better tracking performance. Other river-specific features have also made the STEAM series tough enough to tackle class III whitewater. The 2022 STEAM is a top all-around inflatable kayak capable of carrying you on all of your adventures, sleeker and faster than ever before!

aqua marina steam series inflatable kayak features

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