Event News: DURANCE FESTIVAL 2022, July 30-31st

event news nrs durance festival 2022

Mark your calendars: The 2022 Durance Festival will take place this summer, July 30/31st. Get ready to have more fun than ever before. This year the menu features the now-classic Guil Gorge Chrono creek race on the Chateau Queyras Gorge, heaps of clinics (Waterfall Freeride, River SUP, Girl Power, Safety, Packrafting), an exhibitor’s village with tons of gear to try, a SUP Race, an open-air cinema in the evening, and Sunday’s La Grande Descent stoke float. Not to mention the famous second-hand market and an intermediate event, the Lower Guil Rallyl There is something for everyone, so bring your friends and family, and come enjoy. For more info, visit www.durancefestival.com

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