Welcome to the Paddle Sports Product of the Year Awards 2024 – Inflatable
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Aero Rackham

Introducing the reimagined BOTE Rackham Aero Classic Cypress, now compatible with the APEX Pedal Drive. This all-new combination evolves the Rackham Aero into the ultimate upset of the paddle sports world…

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Aster Packraft

The beauty of a packraft is the ability to bring it with you wherever you’re heading, however you travel—even on public transport. Designed to track on flatwater but handle more dynamic features,…

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Inflatable Seat

One of our hobbies is to go rafting and kayaking on WW. Raft allows to go paddling on the big rivers and feel the power of the floor even for non professional paddlers, or it`s possible to go on long trips with all the luggage on the board….

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polo goals

Kayakers at heart, we’ve been practising kayak polo for several years. With these inflatable kayak polo goals, carefully designed and developed in partnership with the Fédération Française de Canoë-Kayak (FFCK), we’re putting all our experience and expertise at the service of kayak clubs that don’t have the space, permission or budget for fixed goals. …

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The main innovation of this kayak is it´s V-shaped dropstitch rubber based bottom on the 2/3 of the boat converting to flat stern part. 
The V-shaped part improves the speed of the boat and helps to break through the waves easily. The flat stern part on the other hand ensures also great stability…..

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