Once again this year, the Paddle Sports Show is organising a series of conferences and debates on themes relating to the paddle sports industry. Hosted by Joel Doux (Outdoor Editions & Canoe Kayak magazine) and Jean-Yves Lapeyrère (President EC-OE, European Confederation of Outdoor Employer), and their numerous speakers, these conferences will be multilingual and based on exchange and discussion.

Wednesday Sept. 27th

Kids, the future market for Paddle Sports” debate

This is the number 1 problem facing sports today: how to become and remain attractive to children, who are the customers of tomorrow.

Media coverage and marketing play a key role here. But we also often forget the basics: the equipment, which also has to be attractive and suitable for children. Other disciplines have been able to use a few marketing codes, but also real technical adaptations, to bring about change. Based on a few examples, we will try to understand the driving forces and actions to be led that will drive to more paddling for youngsters in the future… which, by definition, is the future of Paddle Sports.

Debate “What future for the Stand Up Paddle market?

Against the backdrop of the current sluggish market, what are the driving forces behind SUP, which seems to be marking a pause after a period of very rapid growth in recent years? What role will SUP now play in the dynamics of paddle sports, and what synergy-or lack of it-will there be with kayaking?

We’ll hear from the brands present and debate the latest trends in paddling: foils, e-foils and surf skiing.

Thursday Sept. 28th

Surf-ski, Pirogue and even Sea Kayaking for fitness paddling

Surf-skis and pirogues are new ways of approaching paddling spots from a new angle, that of fitness for the general public. More fun, sexier and more reassuring, they make you want to get on board and practice in a different way. A more glamorous image for sport? A real market in the making? In any case, it’s an offer that’s still too often missing from the family of paddle sports.

Protecting rivers together!
Presented by the NGOs “Free Rivers Fund” and “Save the Austari Jökulsá”.

Everyone is invited to take part and (re)discover the positive actions that have been taken within communities to defend our rivers. Ideas and questions will be asked to help understand how we can all play our part in protecting free-flowing rivers.

Debate “How do you sell a kayak?

Selling a kayak is never easy, whether you’re a specialist or not, but it’s even more difficult when you’re not a specialist, because there are so many different types of product for different environments, levels and practices. Using specific examples and feedback, we will look at the specific characteristics of the products and how to approach them during a sale. With testimonials from various players in the retail world, distribution network and even brands.

Friday Sept. 29th

“The Virtuous Paddle Sports Recycling Chain
Recycling paddle sports products
What if shops became collection points and the essential link in the recycling process?

What should we do with our equipment at the end of its life? How can the paddle sports industry and distribution channel get involved and play a key role in the product cycle? Bob Tims leads a discussion presenting a product collection and recycling programme, in which shops are at the centre of an ambitious scheme, between the paddler and the manufacturer. Discussions and reflections on a virtuous idea that may not be so difficult to put in place.