Water Experience Academy | Safe Swimming for Children in Open Water


Over 1,000 children are strengthening their water competency at the lake this summer. Thanks to the “Water Experience Academy,” they are discovering the awe-inspiring nature of water and acquiring vital knowledge on how to stay safe in open water.
The response has been absolutely amazing! 

If the concept of learning to swim resonates with you, we encourage you to take an active approach. Embrace the opportunity and immerse yourself in the experience! How can you help? Take the time to go to the water with your children. Let them explore the world at the lake, river, or sea. Spread the message of the “WEA” to parents, teachers, schools, clubs, lifeguards, and even politicians in your community.Support us as a volunteer.

Fun and safety are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary: The magazine for water explorers and adventurers provides you with valuable inspiration on this topic. DOWNLOAD
Together, we can strengthen open water competency in our society and enable safe swimming with a lot of fun.
Thank you for your support!

Christopher from RESTUBE

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