VODAK SPORT - WTX rapid wild

(WTX is brand of all our boats and Rapid Wild is name of this canoe)

Is New unique Inflatable whitewater self-drying canoe up to WW IV difficulty. Rapid Wild has a larger rocker, a higher bottom, a uniquely shaped dryring sleeve, smooth adjustment of the seat position even with knees. All this makes the boat a much faster, more agile, more maneuverable boat than you are used to from inflatable canoes. The boat is watered less and drying faster. The unique system of shifting the seats makes it possible to perfectly balance the boat according to the parameters of the crew. (no srew, no line for seat fiting)  Adding a third seat provides room for a third paddler. All three can use fixation straps – kneeling. The boat has a unique solution for fixing the pump on the stern of the boat. For carrying, the boat has four strap catches on the sides, and for pulling the boat, there are additional handles on the bow and stern. In addition, there is a rope in the bow and stern, for tying the boat, for example to a tree near the shore, or during transport. The packed boat is placed in a bag that can be carried by one person on the shoulder or in the hand as a bag, or on the back as a backpack. In two, it can be easily carried by the straps.


  • Length: 415 cm
  • Width: 108 cm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Load capacity: 350 kg
  • Max. operating pressure 0.02 MPa [0.2 Bar/3 PSI
  • Dimensions of the packed boat in the package: approx. 75×45×35 (cm)
  • Difficulty: up to WW IV
  • Max. number of people 3
  • Number of air chambers 3

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