VE PADDLES - Glass Fara

Category: Paddles, sea kayaking

Description: A lightweight glass touring paddle with a great water feel. This midsized blade suits a higher angle stroke, ideal for day tours or coastal play.  Providing smooth power on both blade faces, the pronounced catch and low swing weight help endurance, with VE’s pre-preg glass lay-up creating a highly durable finish, complemented by a polyester dye-sub layer adding a stylish look. The carbon shaft offers a direct power transfer and reduces overall paddle weight.

On glass dye-subliminated models, the polyester fabric layer offers an extra armour coating, adding additional durability.

Colourways: Sunrise, Lava, Storm

Activity: New

Images: VE-paddles_Fara-glass-carbon-shaft-storm-split

Release date: Oct 2023

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