VE PADDLES - Aircore Vanda

Description:  A narrow cruising blade shape with small surface area and increased neck-to-tip length. Suiting lower angle paddling, power is transferred gradually into the stroke as the blade submerges, reducing fatigue when used on long days. With VE’s unique Aircore spine adding strength and buoyancy and a carbon shaft increasing stiffness and further reducing weight. 

Our lite lay-up reduces blade weight by up to 30%, creating a lighter and more supple feel; suited for touring paddles. By reducing material weight and removing layers in the multi-step tip, the blade is 60% thinner at the end, making for a lower swing weight which helps reduce fatigue over distance.

Colourways: Carbon

Activity: New

Images: VE-paddles_Vanda-Aircore-carbon-shaft-split, VE-paddles_Vanda_lifestyle

Release date: Oct 23

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