The Paddle Sports Show Presents: The Paddle Sports Film Festival

Join us for an evening celebrating the best of paddle sports cinematography. Experience thrilling films featuring whitewater kayaking, SUP, sea kayaking, canoeing, surf kayaking & skiing, outrigger, sup foil and more, curated by top directors and athletes.

Engage in Q&A sessions with filmmakers and athletes, come together with the paddle sports community for an unforgettable cinematic experience, uniting enthusiasts under one roof!

Compete for a €2000 cash prize in our jury-decided competition at The Paddle Sports Show Film Festival! Winners will be announced the same night. Join us for this public event, open to all.

Films must feature or be related to a Paddle Sport!
Expedition recaps, paddler profiles, environmental issues, events, missions, first descents, world records, historical stories, your local runs. You name it –if it is related to paddlesports, we want to see it.

Films must be under 30 mins.

If the movie is not in English, it has to have English subtitles and voice-over in English.

Movies must be sent to the jury before August 15th 2024.
The Final selection will be announced on September 2nd 2024.
(If you have a film project in the works but cannot meet those deadlines, please contact us directly.)

Palais des Congrès Strasbourg
Pl. de Bordeaux, 67000 Strasbourg
(Across from Hilton Hotel and the Exhibition Centre where The Paddle Sports Show takes place).

September 23rd, 19:00

More info go to:


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