Product Spotlight: The Bluedrive S By Aqua Marina


Meet the latest generation of AQUA MARINA
electric water propulsion device BLUEDRIVE S
Explore a new way for remote locations with
your paddle boards. The BLUEDRIVE S is an
electric motor designed to fit almost all types of watercrafts with a fin box.
It helps you to extend trips and save more
energy when fighting against wind and current.

360° Water Intake
BLUEDRIVE S jet-engine is equipped with 360° water intake design for best efficiency.

High Performance
Replace the fin and extend your board with the new BLUEDRIVE S.
Your SUP board or kayak gets an E-power boost of up to 6km/h.

The whole pack of the new BLUEDRIVE S weighs only 5.9kg (Gross Weight) and is allowed on airplanes.

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