PRIJON - Seatron GT

Prijons medium to high volume multi-day sea kayak for medium to larger paddlers.

The Prijon Seatron 520 GT (Grand Tourer) kayak is for the medium to larger paddler up till 120 kg looking for a durable quality performance sea kayak for short and long tours that can handle rough conditions and paddle effortlessly on calmer days.

It is the grandchild to the famous line of Prijon Seayak kayak series from the last 30 years of development. The Seatron GT features a new modern and narrower hull with more distinct rocker and the ability to keep good forward speed.

Made primarily for extensive open water crossings, surfing waves and long multiday trips with all you need. The SEATRON GT has a high stability combined with a high maneuverability, especially during rough conditions at sea.

Its modern shaped, progressive hull with a medium rocker profile enables you to both paddle fast and straight or move the kayak on the edge by using your weight. It surfs with following waves well as you paddle and is effortless to control.

The hull is 520 cm long with a width of 57 cm, giving it good speed and with the extra rocker the stability is very high yet relatively stable so rental fleet operators can use it with confidence for new and experienced paddlers. Experienced paddlers will find they can as easily use it without a rudder to turn it with shifting their weight and paddle technique. The kayak is designed to be used a rudder style kayak for more efficient A to B paddle trips and the Luxus K1 rudder does this extremely well, with foot pedals of the fixed supportive type.

Volume is increased in the front of the kayak for better lift over waves giving a dryer ride into the wind. 

The 3D knee braces offer a lot of adjustable aggressive and nonaggressive knee positions, depending on your preference. Plus: The seat is padded for great sit comfort. 

Hatches are the larger type with neoprene with plastic protective covers fixed in place with easy to use elastic lines. The day hatch forward of the cockpit is in easy reach. 

Colored decklines also are a new layout with a simpler clean look with quality elastic lines over the deck to hold pumps and other items firmly in place. There is the standard locking bracket on the rear of the kayak also to secure it from over envious kayakers.

The SEATRON GT keeps its excellent characteristics also when fully loaded for multiday trips.

Larger paddlers will love the well-spaced foot space / leg room and the comfort from all the finer details made in this kayak.

Summing up: the Seatron GT is a fast going and comfortable, reliable sea kayak for a large range of paddlers around the globe.

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