PALM - Tora Jacket

Description: The Tora jacket is the one to reach for when the weather changes. Packing away neatly into the hood its light, soft fabric, and simple features make this jacket the ideal waterproof protection for paddling in rain, wind or choppy water. 

Recycled packable and light, our hard working 2.5-layer dry-touch fabric has a great combination of durability, waterproofness, breathability and light weight. The ‘dry touch’ PU print (the extra half-layer on our two layer fabric) makes the inside smooth and comfortable as well as protecting the waterproof coating. Available in men’s and women’s cuts.

Colourways: Men’s: Pumpkin, Navy, Women’s: Pine

Activity: New

Images: Palm_Tora_mens_jacket, Palm_Tora_womens_jacket, Palm_Tora_womens_jacket_lifestyle

Release date: Jan 2024

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