PALM - Tika

Description: ‘It fits perfectly’. In 1993, the Canyon S was Palm’s first womens buoyancy aid, possibly the first anywhere. Recent PFDs like the Extrem or Peyto are well-loved, but we’ve never felt we quite got it really right. Until now. We’ve designed a PFD for women where fit is as essential as floatation. We wanted to design a buoyancy aid that not only worked with all female body shapes, but crucially fitted well against the chest. No more squeezing into your PFD, comfort was the ultimate goal. And we think we’ve achieved that. Extensive testing and feedback helped create the Tika’s unique shape. Removing material at the chest without creating bulk at the waist was a challenge. By creating sections, wrapped to the sides, we developed an ideal 3D foam shape and adding supporting neoprene panels to the outside, achieved the perfect fit. Pockets and other external features can easily add bulk. So we studied what was carried and used – phones, slings, snacks and PLBs, and made sure the pockets could handle them, but also stayed flat when loaded.Women come in all sizes and shapes, everyone is different, but the Tika is the first time we’ve had everyone who’s tried it tell us ‘It fits perfectly’. We are committed to paddling equality and encouraging gender balance on the water. Thats why we are pledging a % from each sale of the Tika to causes that get more women out paddling.

Colourways: Purple, Tangerine, Teal

Activity: New

Images: Palm_Tika_womens_PFD, Palm_Tika_womens_PFD_lifestyle

Release date: Dec 2023

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