PALM - Gradient 3.0 boots

Description: Everything on the Gradient 3.0 has been designed for water. 

The custom Vibram sole with traction lugs keeps your feet planted whether ascending or descending, made from ultra sticky HydroGrip rubber compound. The midsole’s dual density foam cushions your heal and aids stability and control with denser foam on the forefoot. The upper is designed for durability in the water too including a neoprene cuff, that prevents ingress of debris. The large toe box gives you space to wiggle and the insole is removable to create extra volume for adding winter socks. 

Our chief motivator Bren Orton challenged us to make a new Gradient, keeping the fit and support of the previous model but more agile with increased grip on slick rocks. Two years in development and testing we have whole new design with a new Vibram sole and a new upper.

Colourways: Black

Activity: New

Images: Palm_Gradient3-0_boots

Release date: March 2024

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