News: BEATERS FOR ALL 2022 – The Beaters-Reel Video Competition Returns

beaters for all 2022 the beaters reel video competition returns

We all watched our friends beater once, and all enjoyed watching it as well! Kayak Session is excited to announce the 2022 of “Beaters for All”, in partnership with Level Six, a Canadian-based gear manufacturer. The video contest will be showcasing some of our worst (or best) beatdowns and beater moments. The contest runs throughout the year, finishing in December. Winners will be decided by a jury of whitewater professionals and carnage lovers, in combination with the number of views received by each entry. The competition features two categories, the King of Carnage (a short video featuring one beatdown only) and the Beater’s Reel (longer videos, in a “highlight-reel style” that shows several beatdowns). The only condition is that no one was seriously injured in the footage shown. Get out and get filming! After all, we are all between swims… More information at


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