New @ The Paddle Sports Show 2021 – LETTMANN, Machete

This serie of articles, called “NEW @ The Paddle Sports Show 2021” showcases the products that are competing for the « PADDLE SPORTS PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR AWARDS »

Entry for Whitewater. – Machete by Lettmann

“Finally the time has come. Now we also have our own half-slice kayak – and what a kayak!”

“Soon every manufacturer has a half-slice kayak in their range, but none of the current mullet or half-slice kayaks from different manufacturers is the same – and no manufacturer can go without one.”

“We have given ourselves a lot of time to develop the “Machete” in such a way that it is fun in all situations.”

“With the “Machete” we have now fulfilled all our wishes and expectations for such a kayak. It is super easy to drive and extremely good-natured – among other things because it has a super wide and flat lower hull. And that from the first to the last centimeter, from the very front to the very back. Then there’s the rocker! THE ROCKER! The “Machete” is the epitome of rocker. No Kayak has more. The fore and back section harmonize like never before. The kayak literally floats over rollers and steps, always remains controllable and, if that’s the way it should be, you don’t even get water in your face.”

“You can cool down with backenders and pirouetts. Despite its good-natured handling, the “Machete” goes super easily on the rear. The reason is the concave back section with the razor-sharp edge directly behind the seat, which cuts into the water like a machete into a banana tree. Once the “Machete” has reached the vertical, you immediately have the feeling that you can peg down the whole stream while standing on the stern. But that would be a shame, because then you would not feel the incredible agility of the “Machete” in its horizontal driving position. No kayak can be steered so cool over the back, corrected on course at full speed or simply turned with a pull over the stern. The razor-sharp edge gives it exactly the guidance from front to back that you would expect from a kayak of this class.”

“The machete surfs on the smallest wave as if the devil were after it. The edged and flat hull ensures surfability that is not typical for its class, the “Machete” literally craves a spin and wants to turn and jump in the wave for joy.”


Lettmann Machete 85

Länge/length: ca. 275 cm
Breite/width: ca. 66 cm
Gewicht/weight: ca. 20 kg
Volumen/volume: ca. 270 Liter
Paddlergewicht/weight oft he paddler: 70 – 110 kg

Lettmann Machete 65

Länge/length: ca. 265 cm
Breite/width: ca. 62 cm
Gewicht/weight: ca. 19 kg
Volumen/volume: ca. 240 Liter
Paddlergewicht/weight oft he paddler: 50 – 80 kg

More info on the LETTMANN WEBSITE

This serie of articles, called “NEW @ The Paddle Sports Show 2021” showcases the products that are competing for the « PADDLE SPORTS PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR AWARDS »
It is produced & organized by KS Publishing (publishers of Kayak Session, Paddle World and Sup World magazine).

The Paddle Sports Show, is the world’s largest paddlesport-specific trade show (‘trade show’ meaning entrance is reserved for professionals) highlighting what the general public will find on shelves and in stores in 2022. It includes everything from kayaks and canoes to stand-up paddle boards and inflatables, with the apparel and accessories needed for it all. See the product and meet the manufacturer at The Paddle Sports Show 2021 in Lyon (France) >


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