NEW @ Paddle Sports Show 2022 – ROTO attivo, Canadier 2W Fishing – PeCycled

This serie of articles, called “NEW @ The Paddle Sports Show 2022” showcases the products that are competing for the « PADDLE SPORTS PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR AWARDS »

Entry for canoeing – ROTO attivo, Canadier 2W Fishing – PeCycled

No other task has occupied the industry in recent years as much as the development of a functioning circular economy for polymer materials. Also the vision of Roto group is to develop the new products according the eco design principle. Our R&D discovers the new types of polymers with the highest proportions of recycled raw materials, but at the same time with the quality-guaranteed to rank on a par with primary goods, easy and safe to use for every customer.

We are introducing for the first time on the Paddle sport show Lyon our new Canoe, the Canadier 2 W fishing – PeCycled.

What makes our canoe special and innovative?

The revolutionary MATERIAL from which it is made of. Canoes are made from 3 layer composite, which containes different types of recycled polyethilen. Materials come from from different sources: recycled waste plastic packaging, internal waste material from ROTO tanks and recycled artificial carpets. By using these materials we are contributing to the global effort to save the planet from waste plastic, to reuse it and reduce the use of fossil sources.

Recycled plastic is from the local source, to minimize the carbon footprint made by transportation. 
Roto is proud sponsor of ECO EVENTS, where local divers and paddelers are collecting waste plastic from Slovenian rivers, lakes and sea. The process of producing new products from the waste packaging material is very complex, as we have to clean, sort, grind, perform polymerization, granulate, compound and grind the material.

For the new canoe line we created special brand name: PeCycled.

In addition to the revulutunary material, we have equipped the new line for canoes with fishing accessories. These are 4 universal brackets on which you can connect many different accesories such as rode holders, phone holders, sonar device etc.

Canoeing can be even more satisfying, knowing that your canoe is made from the waste plastic which was just a moment ago a plastic waste, which could pollute our planet.

We offer to our customers the opportunity to return us their canoes after the life-cycle ends. ROTO designs canoes to use this secondary material again and again, so materials don’t end up in the trash or in the nature. 

With PeCycled canoes Roto contributes actively to the progress towards a circular economy. In the project involved also many employees from our R&D team. We are the first company in rotomoulding industry who developed 3 layer composite from the waste plastic.

After development in our laboratories we tested the product together with Slovenian Canoe Federation and Olimpic Champion Benjamin Savsek (golden olimpic medal Tokyo 2021).

We believe that we deserve the award on the paddle show. With this development and implementation of the PeCycled material to our canoe range we will achieve additional competitive advantages on the market. By using this material we are making the paddlling sport more sustainable and canoes nature friendly.

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