We have designed the 5th SUP board in our catalogue, that we like to call “Artistic”, considered in JBAY.ZONE a real tradition. What’s so special about these boards? Simple! The Design is entirely curated by internationally renowned artists. The Artistic SUP for 2024 season was created in collaboration with the French Street Artist Julien Brouand, alias Abys.

Among Europe, especially in France, Abys is one of the most admired street artists due to his storytelling compositions that transform the city walls into beautiful and colorful urban art masterpieces.

His experience in art begins in 2009, when he got close to the graffiti in the French “banlieue”, then he evolved and grew by taking part to a group of urban artists in an underground path that escalated, in 2015, with the creation of his own personal and distinctive street art style.

Technique, delicacy, irony, and intelligence: his universes are often rich of hidden details that create a strong public engagement on social media becoming, at the same time, for users, a magic portal on a universe without interpretative boundaries.

The strong passion for cartoons became for Abys the way to create worlds inhabited by characters that give a mark to the most playful caricatures from comics’ world exactly as the ones featured in our SUP.

Abys board is an explosion of colors that immediately captures the attention of the viewer in the same way as a beautiful painting in a museum or a wall painted by skilled writers.

On the technical side, the “Artistic SUP” Abyss is ideal for family outings. With a volume of 304 L, it is suitable for riders up to 100 kg and can carry up to 145 kg of total weight. Versatile and simple to use, it is also suitable for solo explorations and training.

The deck length of 10’6″ (320cm) guarantees the SUP great maneuverability, however, the width of 32″ (81cm) makes it comfortable and spacious for the rider. The accessory kit includes everything you need: telescopic paddle with carbon fiber shaft, safety leash, removable central slide fin, backpack to carry the SUP and its accessories and action cam support.

To definitively certify the goodness of the project we would like to be selected as winners to be able to give the artistic tables the right visibility and importance, also as a tribute to the artists who have worked with us over the years.


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