INDIANA - 1396P PumpFoil Complete Set

The Indiana 1396P Complete set includes the 1396P Front Wing, Heavy Duty 610 Fuselage, 336 Stabiliser and the LW72cm Carbon Mast.

The 1396P Front wing was developed by our Enginieer Jan Pütz and makes pumping for long runs very easy.  Even not so experienced or fit riders can manage to get over one minute continuous pumping with it.

The LW 72 Carbon Mast is the lightest and stiffest mast available on the market and transfers the power directly to the glider with minimal loss of energy and lag.  This makes the foil very reactive to your pumping inputs.

The new Heavy Duty 610 Alu fuselage was specifically designed for the large span of the pumping  foils.  It can handle the higher torsional and lateral forces of the Pump Foils and is therefore more durable.

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