HIKO - Baller 87 x Zephyr Topdeck

Hitting your home run was never this easy

The river most of us run the most is a river we can run with our hair dry if we wanted to. Squeezing a session after work you want to minimize the time changing by your car and make the most of it on the river.

Baller 87 x Zephyr is the ultimate desktop built from Baller 87 – a bungee style neoprene spraydeck now made from e.prene, a kinder to mother nature alternative to conventional neoprene rubber. The top is the Zephyr long sleeve – featherweight semi-dry top that was carefully constructed with minimum seams to reduce weight as far as possible. 

You’d be hard pressed to find a better racing combo for kayak cross or for lapping your home run.


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