FIDLOCK - Hermetic hydration bladder

A good water supply is essential – on and off the water. Thanks to the patented closure technology, the HERMETIC hydration bladder is filled with ease and closes immediately and securely. The three wide-opening rows of magnets seal automatically and hermetically – absolutely leakproof. The additional SNAP closure on the pocket flap can be operated with one hand, preventing unintentional opening. Easy handling and cleaning are guaranteed.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • hydration bladder with magnetic self-sealing closure
  • maximum tightness thanks to patented technology
  • no manual locking, clicking, or pushing for closing the hydration bladder
  • large opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • available in 1.5L and 2.5L volume
  • included drinking tube (interchangeable)

Used Technologies

  • BPA-free and tasteless material (TPU)
  • food-grade certificate for US and Europe
  • higher wall thickness than usual – more resilient
  • special coating on the inside, so the increased friction is higher, and the hydration bladder closes more securely

Design/ Haptic/ Look & Feel

  • exceptional design using a magnetic closure system
  • matt surface with clean characteristics
  • large opening for easy handling, filling, and cleaning (interchangeable tubehigh-quality material (thicker than usual)

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