BIG MAMA - Split

Split: the new modular kayak – An unprecedented innovation in the Italian market. Big Mama proudly presents the first and only modular kayak entirely Made in Italy, designed by the talented designer Claudio Campioni, author of all the most successful Big Mama kayaks.

Why did we decide to design and produce a sectional and modular kayak? Often people want to buy a kayak for the family, so they need at least two seats, but sometimes they also want to use it alone. With a two-seater model, the seat feels unbalanced when used by one person and the weight and dimensions are not optimal for single use. That’s why with the Split it is possible to leave the central module at home and assemble only the front and rear modules, transforming it into a single kayak.

Furthermore, the Split is extremely easy to handle thanks to the numerous handles mounted on all modules. It can be configured as a fishing kayak, with a pre-installed probe compartment for the echo sounder, connected to a battery compartment (without the need to drill holes in the hull for connections). Two 30 cm aluminum sliding bars are supplied as standard, to which it is possible to mount (purchased separately) the fishfinder display, adjustable rod holders, GoPro supports, cup holders, flag and any accessory from the Railblaza catalog ( a well-known brand of kayak accessories).

The Split is equipped with a watertight locker for storing objects in the single version and two lockers in the double version. In addition, to make transport even easier, we have equipped this kayak with wheels. In less than a minute it is possible to assemble the two wheels, equipped with a stainless steel hub, and transport the kayak with ease. The wheels can be left mounted during navigation or stored in the appropriate space in the rear locker, leaving the possibility of carrying a backpack.

The connection system between the modules has been specially designed to avoid accidental releases and is equipped with 4 stainless steel hooks for each module (without the use of plastic). This docking method allows you to transform the modular kayak into one piece. Tests performed with the suspended kayak demonstrate a perfectly stable connection.

The Split is an extremely stable kayak thanks to its well established trimaran hull. It’s easy to use, maneuver and steer, even for those who have never used a kayak before.

The Split kayak is equipped with self-draining holes, which allow excess water to flow out through the appropriate drainages in the event of waves.


  • Front module length: 154 cm
  • Rear module length: 155 cm
  • Central module length: 136 cm
  • Single-seater version
  • length: 303 cm
  • Width: 84cm
  • Single module weight: 14 kg
  • Side paddle holder: yes 1 per module
  • Transport wheels: yes 2 wheels
  • Handles: yes
  • Perimeter elastic : yes
  • Battery compartment: yes
  • Probe compartment: yes
  • Self-draining holes: yes
  • Locker: yes, 1 for each module

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