AQUABOUND - Aerial Composite Whitewater Paddle

Introducing the most revolutionary paddle in whitewater. Aerial’s Lam-Lok™ US Patent Pending technology uses aramid thread to mechanically bond blade layers together, protecting the blade edges from impact and abrasion & dramatically extending the paddle’s life. The blades have a wide, flattened foam spine to simulate full foam-core performance without sacrificing durability. The blade/shaft joint is reinforced with a carbon peg to efficiently transfer power & increase strength. The full-carbon shaft has been engineered for durability, performance and proper flex so energy is applied to the water (not to the paddler). Triangular indexing reduces fatigue while allowing the paddler to know where the blades are at all times. Available with carbon or fiberglass blades, two blade sizes, 1/2/4pc, straight/crank, fixed length/adjustable

Blade Size: 

  • Major: 45.5cm x 19.2cm (700 sq. cm)
  • Minor: 44cm x 18.3cm (645 sq. cm)

Blade Material: 

  • Compression molded fiberglass with aramid
  • Compression molded carbon with aramid

Shaft Material: 

  • Carbon fiber

Shaft Configurations:

  • Straight
  • Crank
  • 1pc, 2pc, 4pc (two and four piece offer 5cm of adjustable length)


  • Fiberglass: 1150 g – 1220 g (depending on configuration)
  • Carbon: 1065 g – 1135 g (depending on configuration)

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