VE PADDLES - Aircore Fara

Description: A lightweight carbon touring paddle with a great in-water feel, this midsized blade suits a higher angle stroke, ideal for day tours or coastal play.  Providing smooth power on both blade faces, the pronounced catch and low swing weight help endurance, with VE’s unique Aircore spine adding strength and buoyancy. The glass shaft offers increased flex for improved in-water feel and reduction in arm fatigue. 

Our lite lay-up reduces blade weight by up to 30%, creating a lighter and more supple feel; suited for touring paddles. By reducing material weight and removing layers in the multi-step tip, the blade is 60% thinner at the end, making for a lower swing weight which helps reduce fatigue over distance.

Colourways: Carbon

Activity: New

Images: VE-paddles_Fara-Aircore-carbon-shaft-split, VE-paddles_Fara-lifestyle

Release date: Oct 2023

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