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Since 1950, Hobie has been in the business of shaping a unique lifestyle based around fun, water, and quality products. New for 2023, Hobie debuts three models combining quality craftsmanship with the latest in inflatable paddle board technology to bring you versatile new ways to adventure on the water.


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A Trophy SUP for Trophy Fish – The HOBIE RECON

The HOBIE RECON was designed to provide a premium on-the-water experience along with all the bells and whistles necessary for a successful day of SUP fishing. Constructed with triple-layer PVC composite and an added carbon rail for unrivaled durability, this premium inflatable is equipped with built-in fishing rack mounts, two multi-use action mounts, six mini action mounts, and 17 D-rings, transforming into the ultimate fishing platform with attachment points for all the essentials. 


Designed for avid SUP fishermen and women looking for a premium on-the-water experience, the versatile HOBIE RECON is ready to reel in your next catch. Constructed with triple-layer PVC composite and an added carbon rail, this premium inflatable rides like a hardboard with extreme rigidity and durability for all your outdoor adventures. Two multi-use action mounts, six mini action mounts, and 17 D-rings allow you to customize your experience. And with a 485lbs. weight capacity and built-in fishing rack mounts, this stable SUP transforms into the ultimate fishing platform with room for all the essentials for a day trolling your favorite honey holes.

  • Height: 11´6’’ / 3,5
  • Width: 34’’ / 86,4 cm
  • Thickness: 6’’ / 15,2 cm
  • Volume: 365 L
  • Tail Width: 16´´/ 40,6 cm
  • Weight: 28 lbs. / 12,8 kg
  • Weight Limit: 485 lbs. / 220 kg 


Compatible with the Fishing Rod Holder, Paddle Board Fishing Rack, and Sand Spear (all sold separately).

The Fishing Rod Holder allows you to set your rod and adjust the tilt while you sit back and take in the scenery. The sliding lock mechanism secures your rod in place.

The Paddle Board Fishing Rack is an essential accessory for catching a big fish from your SUP. Lightweight by design, it holds 2 fishing rods, has a built-in storage tray, and provides a stable base to hang your gear from.

The Sand Spear is all you need for anchoring your SUP while fishing atop a sandbar or in shallow waters. Simply push the spear down into the sand or bottom until it feels secure.  

Check out more here – https://www.hobie.com/sups/

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