ZELGEAR - Inflatable seat

One of our hobbies is to go rafting and kayaking on WW. Raft allows to go paddling on the big rivers and feel the power of the floor even for non professional paddlers, or it`s possible to go on long trips with all the luggage on the board.

 And one of the important points for attention it the seat. 

The catarafts with knee seats are very well performed, the efficiency of each stroke is very high, so such types of catarafts have great maneuverability. But for more adult people it can be a big problem to sit in such knee position for several hours.

The rafts and catarafts with raft seats are convenient for durable sitting. But you can feel a bit unstable and not enough safe on the rapids, because you are fixing with the raft by the fittings for feet and sometimes by the knee belt.

Our raft seat with inflatable back has all the advantages of the raft way of seating. Up to this it makes the paddler feel rigid, safe and well fixed inside the boat.

Such seat doesn’t allow the person to move out of the best paddling place, it helps to keep balance even on big rapids and extreme situations. The inflatable back acts as a stopper and it relieves the paddler`s back when sitting for a long time. It makes the paddler feel comfortable and safe.

The seat is attached to the cataraft by 3 belts with fasteners.

The lower layer of the seat is made from PVC, so the seat «sticks» to the side tube. The upper layer – is a durable Cordura with a relief weaving. The inflatable element of the back is made from thin TPU material.
So the seat is lightweight, easily packed and quick assembled!

We believe that such development can make raft paddling much more comfortable and pleasant.  The person will spend all its effort on paddling rather than on self-fixation in the boat.



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