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During 2023 we started to execute our strategic setup of our in-house production in Sweden – in our own backyard in the Stockholm archipelago. This means that all of our kayaks from now on are MADE IN SWEDEN, which has been our vision since we started Melker of Sweden back in 2015.

Melker of Sweden’s state-of-the-art production facility is setup @ Rindö, in the middle of the Stockholm archipelago, surrounded by both the most amazing nature as well as the most experienced and highly talented personell within light-weight and plant-based composites.

Our mission to make fully plant-based, circular, performance, light-weight & highest possible quality kayaks – for an active and conscious lifestyle – has taken a great step forward.

Melker Proprietary Technology

All Melker kayaks are MADE IN SWEDEN with our proprietary plant-based, durable, and feather light technology which revolutionize the industry and help protect the waters and environment we all love.

Our all natural, sustainable and high-performance construction combines flax fibers with a solid cork core, which allows our kayaks to achieve the highest possible mechanical properties.

At the Paddle Sports Show 2023 we will showcase our new technology in our best selling model Melker Rödlöga.

New model – Introducing the Melker Värmdö

With Melker Värmdö we introduce our next generation light-weight, high performance, and plant-based construction in a really comfy, and playful light touring & recreational kayak.

Värmdö is targeted for savvy performance paddlers and the more recreational ”la dolce vita paddlers” who wants to feel like rockstars on the water (still being able to easily toss it up on the roof rack post paddling).

Sleek, forgiving, and stable for new paddlers to learn, with performance characteristics, predictability and endless play time for surf, roll, carve, and rock gardening.

The adjustable skeg (optional rudder) allows for true tracking in even the most challenging waters. Melker Värmdö also packs well enough for your light overnight adventures, including a large inside cockpit storage with an easy access 8,5” click-on cover.

It also comes with our all new premium cockpit with easy sit-in adjustability for pedals, backrest and seat pan. Combined with the fully customizable & padded thigh braces and hip pads, it gives you an exceptional comfort – tailored just for you!

Length (cm) 411 / 442
Width (cm) 59,5 / 62
Weight (kg) 16,5 / 18

At the Paddle Sports Show 2023 we will showcase Melker Värmdö as a 3D printed prototype (in pieces, after hardcore field testing).

Innovative, sustainable and rapid prototyping using 3D printing and plant-based and recycled/up-cycled materials

This is such a BIG THING – that we are able to 3D print prototypes to iterate and field test real prototypes to perfection – before making moulds for effective and sustainable serial production.

And that we use recycled, up cycled and plant-based materials – ALSO during the prototyping steps!

The material used for 3D-printing and iterating our prototypes to perfection are recycled kayaks – shredded and recompounded – mixed together with up cycled ghost nets (old fishing nets) found on the west coast of Sweden, and wood fibers from Finnish pine forests.

Background to making the Melker Värdö

  • Listen carefully to the demands coming from new markets, customers, dealers, and partners
  • Make a blue print
  • Test print unibody and full-size proto based on
  • Field test of proto with reference group, including our NA partner Ken Whiting
  • Iterate blue-print based on feedback
  • Recycle prototype and print second/third/fourth version (…until perfect)
  • Make mould, for effective and sustainable serial production in Sweden
  • Make plant-based and light-weight composite version Pressrelease; kajak-av-biokomposit-atervinns-till-prototyp-med-hjalp-av-3d-printing/?

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