FALTBOT - Nortik rapid fiberglass

It deserves the award in the category of PADDLES because: 

  • It is the only 4-part white water PackRa ing paddle available! 
  • Especially developed for the needs of PackRa ers (4-pcs paddle)
  • Typical white-water blade and small packing size 
  • Durable fiberglass reinforced nylon blades and fiberglass sha 

With the nor k Rapid Fiberglass we have a 4-piece paddle new on the market which was developed especially for packrafting in rapids. The typical wide white-water blade generates the right power with every stroke. The length of 210 cm is adapted to PackRa& use. It is ideal to transport and easy to stow. The fiberglass shaft is combined with a glass fiber reinforced nylon blade. The angle is 45° R/L. The nor k rapid fits perfectly to all PackRa&s that are used in choppy/white water. 

Technical data:  

  • Shaft: Fiberglass;
  • Blade: glass fiber reinforced nylon;
  • Blade size: 19,5 cm x 46 cm;
  • Angle: 45° R/L;
  • Weight: 1095 g;
  • Length: 210 cm; 4-piece Paddle;
  • Euro 229 (MSRP

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